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Building E.D.GE (European Anti-Doping Generation)

E.D.GE is a ERASMUS + Sport will host a 4 days European Meeting in Venice that will be attended by 2 young athlets, 1 Sport Expert and 1 sport instructor from each country (tot 16 persons). The meeting will be a concrete chance to share the Anti-Doping Manifesto and to create a common pro sport competences and against counterfeit performances. The content of the videos will be created by the group; this process will be facilitated by a professional video-makers that will be in charge for the editing too. This output contains a high European added value, since it is the result of the different cultural and national point of views and it will be a strategic tool for the dissemination.

Building EDGE... is Starting!!! is hosting the Meeting from 14th to 17th November!


CO.GE.S. don Lorenzo Milani Soc. Coop. Sociale
Indirizzo: Viale San Marco 172 30173 MESTRE (VE)
Telefono 041 5316403  |  Fax 041 5318111 
C.F. e P.Iv
a: 02793590270 Iscrizione Albo Cooperative: A127513 CCIAA: VE RD 241199 O.N.L.U.S. di diritto D. Lgs N. 460 del 04/12/97 art. 10