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E.D.GE - European Anti-Doping Generation

E.D.GE is a 12 months Erasmus - Small Collaborative Partnership that involves 5 partners in 4 different countries (Italy, Latvia, Austria and Bulgaria) and aims to promote an anti-doping culture among young athlets and sport instructors. 

EDGE aims to promote a sport culture based on fair-play and ethic behaviours and to discourage any degenerative form of sports that can put young athletes in risk situations for their health. The project will involve 5 organisations: from Italy ( and ASC), Latvia (Sport State Medicine Centre), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Sports Development Association) and Austria (ASKO). The partners will work with a group of 20 young athletes (15-19 years old) and 20 coaches in each country, involving them in several activities.

The project wants to bring novelty to the doping approach, working on education rather than prohibition, using peer education methods that promoting sport competence over sports performance.
EDGE wants to fulfil this idea by reaching the following objectives:
·         To promote a sport culture against degenerative forms of sport – above all  doping among young sportsmen and sportswomen
·         To encourage ethical behaviours in sport
·         To encourage young athletes to embrace sport values, discouraging any form of violence
·         To involve 80 young athletes in a training path that will support them in being responsible human agent in their sport choices
·         To create an education path for 80 coaches/instructors so that they could become a “change agent” and promote an ethical attitude and behaviours in sport among their trainees
To achieve these objectives every organisation will have 2 kind of activities: both national and international. National activities will be carried out autonomously and will be about the workshop with the athletes and the coach, that means that the activities during the training will be different, from area to area, to better-adapt in the different context; on the other hand the international ones will be the ones shared between the organisations, like the booklets, and the Manifesto against drug-use.


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