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MI.N.E. - Migrant Not Excluded (ERASMUS+)

Europe is experiencing one of the most significant influxes of migrants in its history. The main point is that what is going on is not only an issue of numbers, but mainly a request of a new paradigma in considering, analiyzing, managing and dealing with the phenomenon of migration.

Project’s Objectives:

  • to characterize what constitutes a good practices
  • to identify one good practice in each organisation, focusing on each field of expertise
  • to provide a virtual and face-to-face space to share and learning from each others
  • to improve the competences of the educators involved in the areas of house policy, job integration, language teaching, awareness of the local communities
  • to extend the educators competences of using the ICT for learning
  • to support the organisation involved in starting a reviewing process of what they offer and how to their target group, by importing elements of good practices acquired during the learning mobilities
  • to create a network of organisations that can work together in other projects on this topic



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